death(mostly) and thrash(also mostly)
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thrash, power, prog
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The old stuff...not sure what it's called. (stuff like sabbath, deep purple.)

I also like Hair/Glam (motley crue, quiet riot) and whatever category iron maiden falls into.
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grindcore, death, funk, groove, and all the rest. besides power metal, I HATE DRAGONFORCE!!!!
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im across the board on metal
but i promenatly enjoy fast paced songs with an amazing solo, soi tend to stick to some neo-classical, and i enjoy harmony so i listen to thrash/metalcore crossover band trivium. and other more well known metalcore acts (i dont like the underground stuff because it gets annoying). i like mathcore bands because they do such interesting guitar work. im a fan of the Big Four (history of rock and roll) but mostly metallica and megadeth. and i enjoy the gamer metal that is drgonfroce i myself think its very catchy. and also a local UG artist Jim Cook his new album is played alot in my iTunes and iPod
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Progressive, post metal, anything experimental, industrial, some grind, melodeath, techdeath, and symphonic black metal.

Those are the first few I thought of, and listen to often.
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Black metal, easily.
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heavy, death, melodic and thrash...
id say thats pretty much every kind of metal then

No...it's not.

Me...uhhhhhh...Progressive, Black, Death, and Power.
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cuz ppl hate how power metal they are cuz they think its "gay" or w.e, which is immature and dirogitory
Prog, Folk, Black.
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Do you folks like folk?
Unblack Metal
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Every kind.
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