Ok so i go to guitar lessons every week but i wouldnt say its the most important thing to me, i do enjoy it though.

So i got a call from my teacher and hes asking me if i would like to play with him at a new tapas bar that has just recently opened - i would be paid as well. He says it would just involve me playing a few chords to back him up and maybe jamming a bit.

Im not really very confident in my skills, sure i can play some chords but im not amazing at the jamming thing. Ive never really played infront of an audience either, and im not really sure if im good enough at all.

So what should i do?
yeah, you can definitely learn a lot. and make sure you ask to play with him before to see his style and learn to react to him.
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Yes, do it, it will be a good experience to have even if you screw up completely; and you'll get money.
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You'll never get good at performing if you never try.
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Do it.

I plan on playing my schools local talent show for practicing in front of an audience, I assume they're both good learning experiences.

I'm also not confident in my skills, too....
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DO IT!!! After all, everyone has to start somewhere.
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if anybody knows your skill level...it's your teacher. You don't have to do anything impressive while jamming, just pick notes that are in the correct key and such.

I would kill to play a paying gig with my teacher...he's mad good. He is the craziest jazz player i've ever heard. (intense sweep picking in jazz anyone?)

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Do it. And the fact that he asked you of all his students clearly means you should have confidence in your ability.
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do it. like everybody said, its a good learning experience and don't worry about messing up. your teacher should cover up your mistakes if any.
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If your teacher believes in you, it's probably for a reason!

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Same as everyone. You may not get many chances to play in public, so take every one you get.
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Do it! I personally think you learn alot by live performaces, especially when you have no idea whats going on. I know so many people who play guitar and when I ask them to go out and jam or something in front of someone they say "Oh, I'm not good enough."

But thats bull. You don't have to be a god to perform.

I've learned soooo much from being thrown into situations when I had no idea what to do. Just give it a try, and if you screw up, big deal. Actually, hopefully you do make mistakes, everyone does. Learn to catch yourself before you fall.

And most of all, your teacher suggested you do this, he obviously thinks you have what it takes.
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yeah, you can definitely learn a lot. and make sure you ask to play with him before to see his style and learn to react to him.

I'm sure he knows his style seeing how its his teacher.

Just sayin
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