basically, i saw a band with one the other month and i think it'd be great for me to use this sample live, its a subdrop (boost at the begining of breakdowns in our songs, i have a sample that i use on our recordings, but we want to use it live now)

how on earth do i go about building one? it would ideally be a marshall footswitch style pedal that just presses down to release the sample? is this just impossible or is there an easy way of doing this?

a pedal like that would be digital.
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I saw a band live recently that had their drummer do bass drops. He got one electronic drum pad, loaded the bass drop as one of the samples, and set the pad to trigger it. Pretty simple.
it would be a rather interesting project to make a bass drop synth

might be able to do it out of a couple of 555 timers and some filters
I'd use it for Duke Nukem quotes between songs.
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