I've got this extra power amp.

What would happen if I ran it through an effects loop? Obviously with a preamp.

I'm being vague I know, but I can't be bothered to write a whole story if no one actually reads it, or if no one actually knows.

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Ok, basically run a Tech 21 Sansamp RBI and a Trace Elliott RA300 through the effects loop of a Laney RB9.... running at 300watts. Adding an extra 300watts from the Tech 21 and the Trace Elliott into an 800watt Laney RB410.

So you've got like 600watts as opposed to 300watts. Would it work?

I've been told it would since posting this thread, anyone want to tell me otherwise?
Im not too sure i understand what you are trying to do. What you can do is plug your bass into the head, connect the effects send to your power amp, and you will get a signal from both.... and can plug them into the one speaker. Is that what you want to do?

That should work, anyone disagree? i dont want to be responsible for a broken amp

BTW dont whatever you do plug a speaker out onto the effects return. There will be an explosion. And not the good kind
I'm going to tentatively say no. I'm not positive, but what you're suggesting sounds like pumping a power amp's wattage into a power amp. I don't think that sounds right. Someone else can give a better answer, but I definitely wouldn't plug anything in until there's a resounding yes from everyone.
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a power amps for amplifying, nothing else.

shoving one in an effects loop is just..well...daft!
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