im trying to obtain some plastic trays for tray drifting, ive got some now im just looking for future use. just regular old flat plastic trays, like the ones they give you at mcdonalds. if anyone has an idea of how to obtain them, apart from stealing them (thats my "plan B"), let me know.
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couldnt find any. now if you could provide a link that would be great

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honestly, just live somewhere where there is snow, have a RWD car and you are set! none of this e-brake garbage lol.

obiviousally youve never been to south carolina
Just steal one every time you walk into a fast-food place. I used to steal trays all the time so I had a place in my car to break up weed and rolls blunts and joints.

And wtf is tray drifting?
EDIT: nevermind, looks like fun
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Edit: Oh wait, thats real?

Yes. Yes it is.

TS I suggest going there.
But you'll most likely have to buy in bulk.
As in 2000 trays.
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I met this chick I really liked and wanted to practice sex, so I practiced on some guy I met at a gas station...
Dude just take em from McDonald's or something
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Congratz on the having the longest wall of text ever!

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stick it down your pants....
the tray...
not your hand....

Listen to him.

Just make sure it's busy, order some food, eat food (or throw away, Mcdonald's is rubbish) and just run. Pray the garbage can is by the door.
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