I'm looking for a good classical guitar song to learn for a school thing in a couple of weeks.
Something along the lines of "The Clap" By Yes (but easier if possible)
Or maybe a song like The Trees by Rush, Horizons by Steve Hackett.
Maybe something like the opening to Stairway to Heaven....except.... not stairway to heaven.

Help me out
Planet Caravan or She's Gone by Black Sabbath.
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Quote by black-sabbath
Planet Caravan or She's Gone by Black Sabbath.

Holy crap!

I went to my itunes and searched Planet Caravan... I never knew it was a sabbath song. I only had listened to the pantera version.
hmm i've yet to see any classical posted here :|...
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classical gas
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None of these are classical songs though...

Learn a tarrega etude or a sor etude or something. here: http://eythorsson.com/music/1023.pdf
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