if this isnt the right place for this just tell me and ill move it. But what does it mean on audacity when the line thats passing down your track showing you where the music is at is red? its not recording very loud either, i have to turn the gain all the way up just to hear whats been recording. ive been using it all day and its just now started doing this.
This would go in main forum of Riffs & Recording.

EDIT: And I don't know the answer to your question either

DBL EDIT: The quiet recording is probably your mic. I used to have the same problem. If it's one of those mics from Future Shop, chances are it's designed for shouting over Counter Strike rather than recording.
well knowing nothing about your situation(equipment, computer, how you're hooked in),
I'm gonna say turn your bottom tone knob down, guessing that you own some kind of fender guitar.
To properly record the guitar you are going to need either one awesome mic or the amp you already have, two amp wires, and a 1/8th connector to connect to the computer.

Guitar goes into Amp > Amp goes into 1/8th adapter > Adatper goes into computer >Sound plays nicely via recording
The times they are a changin'.....
Highlight the track, go to effects, and click on amplify, you can make it as loud as you want from there.