apparently the movie about the coolest game ever is coming out in october
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Looks good. Loved the games and the trailer looks promising... aside from Jim Bravura being playing by Ludicris... eck.
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I dont remember there being flying demons in Max Payne??
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As long as Uwe Bowl isn't involved.
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ARGHHH!!! i couldnt play them alone...
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with all the demons, stupid pointless drawn out fight scenes, and crap hollywood actors, looks like a **** knockoff of Constantine. Nowhere near as cool as the game, the person playing Max Payne does not seem like he knows how to do a very good job at being Max (it's Marky Mark, ffs). And they probably don't show him abusing painkillers, as this is Fox. And it looks more like Max wants to be involved and doing action movie stuff, whereas in the game Max had no choice, as he just found himself in the middle of things. Doesn't look like a good movie. And it was shot in Toronto, when both games took place in New York (Fox is too poor to afford New York I guess).
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