hey all i was just wondering, how do you start writting lyrics to a song. cause ive been "jerry rigging" some songs together but i was just wondering how do you go about writing some lyrisc to it, and how do you know what pitch to sing them in?

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man when the urge hits me i write im in no hurry to get it done. i dont consider myself a songwriter between the 4 people in my band we usually generate 1-2 songs a week, but i feel first and foremost you cant rush songwriting. the few times ive ever sat down and decided i was gonna write a song nothing came to me. the best songs ive ever wrote started out as one line that popped in my head jsut before i went to sleep and i stayed up all night expanding on it. as far as what key to sing it in id have to say whatever feels natural about that song. thats the beauty behind songwriting there is no formaula you can learn its nothing that can be taught to you, its all about putting your emotions onto paper. But the best advice i can give you is make yourself happy, only put on paper what you believe should be there, cause if your anything like me then writing is an emotional outlet for you and should be thought of that way. i mean its fine to ask for peoples thoughts on your writing but never change a song just because someone said that this would sound better, only change if you think it would feel better.
I usually write as an outlet when I'm upset.

Find out what key your song is in and work from there.
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