Limited Edition Chrome HBE Power Screamer-near mint #26/100 made, $150 shipped/paypal'd

SIB Mr Echo Plus-like new with small dots marking the previous owners settings (im sure they can be removed), $150 shipped/paypal'd

EHX English Muff'n-great condition with a few small scuffs, includes power supply and the tubes are still fresh, $125 shipped/paypal'd

Monte Allums Modded DS-1-like new condition with the rectifier + trigain mod with 3 way toggle switch, also has a "synth" mod switch, $65 shipped/paypal'd

BYOC Overdrive PCB's (tubescreamer clone), brand new, $5 a piece shipped and paypal'd

Matched set of Mullard EL34's-brand new, $30 shipped/paypal'd

I will ship internationally at the buyers cost, PM me. Thanks and look out for more.
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would you trade anything for the DS-1?
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