Hey I just started college (This past friday) and I met this girl that I really like. How long should I wait to ask her out? Also, are there any signs I should look for to see if she likes me back, or any signs to show that she is not into me?

As you can tell im not a ladies man =(
Thanks for the help.
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ask her out next time you see her. college is full of horney dudes and chicks if you don't someone else is
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how bout dude, just be yourself, and if shes down with it, then everything should be cool. good lord, it doesnt take a ****ing genious to ask someone out. i dont even care if i spelled anything wrong, **** it. GO ASK HER OUT AND BE YOURSELF.
don't wait , except if you prefer to become friend with hey before ... but weel , I realy think that becoming friend with a girl just make thing worst

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go for it. there are plenty more opportunities while you're in college, but if you only just met her, do something simple... coffee or something then hang out. if it goes well, tell her you want to do it again sometime. DON'T ask her out on the spot, but sometime afterwards
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