Today i broke min pinky and my ring finger on my left hand so i cant play guitar anymore!
just wondering in how long will i be able to play again
and i will i loose any flexibility or anything?
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Don't be a pussy and play anyways.

Actually, just wait maybe 2-3 weeks. For the first few days, don't move it at all, then after it stops hurting, try bending it a little more every day. Don't do it to the excess that it will hurt you.

It shouldn't do anything to you after it is healed, just let it heal completely.
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play slide guitar? seems like the obvious solution.
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lol you wont lose your ability to play. just dont overdo your fingers until they are completely healed,

good luck ^_^
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Guitar Hero time!

Seriously, that must suck. Hope they heal fast!
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You shouldn't lose flexibility permanently, just don't overstress them.

Try learning slide guitar.
learn to play lefty...but in all seriousness just wait
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what are those churches called where ou guo there and run aorund and get smacked in the head and you fall over and start shaking uncontrolably? apparently that heals you
anyways... go to one of those but make them smack your hand instead
wait a little while and then just start working on flexibility and depending on how sever it is you'll get flexibility back eventually
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Depends on how badly they are broken! I broke my thumb on my picking hand in 3 places bout 3 years ago now it bends backheaps far!! Still hurts in the winter though!
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