I'm a senior in high school. Just moved here from Houston where my band is located so I'm looking to try out some new people. The band I'm in consists of myself on guitar/vocals and a bassist. We have a drummer but we're contemplating finding a replacement here in ATL. Anyways we have music already written, we have done shows back in Texas, and we plan on seeing this band through till the end, as a career, so you must be serious about music.

Well we're looking for really any musician other than a bassist, sorry. Our influences are wide and vaguely consist of Incubus style cleans, Jet alternative rock style, and Red Hot Chili Peppers bass licks and groove. We're also looking for rappers or DJs to see if we can mix that style into ours and try a more alternative style Linkin Park.

So we want a creative guitarist, a creative drummer, and a rapper or DJ. We'd try out a singer as well. Send me an email at m.vasquez1990@yahoo.com if your interested. BTW sorry for the long entry lol.
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