I have a MIM Strat that's 6 years old or so, and recently the tuning has gone to hell during string bends, slight trem usage, and general playing. I string the guitar properly, but I think I have an issue with the nut, the tuners, and the bridge combined. That being said, should I consider getting a Super-Vee Trem?
Does anybody have one? Would this be right for me. I like to use my tremolo a lot, and would liek to set it up to float so I can pull up.
Do you strech the strings after you put them on? I dont think the Super Vee will fix your problem.
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I stretch the strings when I put them on. So thats not the issue. And it has been set up by a pro, but the tuning still sucks. I think it is that problem with lower quality parts such as soft metal trems and bad saddles on MIM guitars.
locking tuners, graphtech saddles and nut, lubing contact parts.

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locking tuners, graphtech saddles and nut, lubing contact parts.

this. also, I believe the 6 screw trem can just use the 2 outer screws, lowering the friction, but if you do divebombs and crazy sh*t like that, I'd say go for the SV.
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