yeah listens would be pretty cool and appreciated, comments will be rewarded with an opinion of your band.

we like to credit Rentals, Grandaddy, And early weezer a great deal for our sounds.
and my (ehh) recording equipment


not to mention we are uber new.
not my cup of tea, but pretty good. try to work on a cleaner final mix, tough. it makes a world of difference.
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You're actually not bad. If you have lyrics worth a damn then you might want to clean up the vocals, if not, then its fine the way it is. Hobo song's verses sound very very similiar to Weezer's "Tired of Sex". Or some other song I've heard before. Solid though. Good job.
I like the songs, but not really a fan of the guitar sound you're using. Bit too fuzzy for me, however I am Mr. Clean :P

Keep up the good work.
I thought it sounded good, and I wasn't surprised when I saw Weezer top of your influence list (Pinkerton fuzz ftw).
I like the music and where it's going. I'm also in the boat that does not like the guitar tone too much. It's apparent you're going for fuzz, it just sounds like Line 6 fuzz or something. Easily fixable though, unless it's where you like it, because that's most important. Vocals blend in nicely for the most part. Some areas sound forced (like on the hobo song). You seem like your music would be interesting to watch live, so you should get a video or something whenever you get gigs.


^ My project. Crit is greatly appreciated =)

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You guys have a pretty cool sounding, especially the keyboard in the background. The guitar is really fuzzy, but I guess that's what the guitar player is going for.

Hobo has a cool transition into the full band
Radio Waves has a really cool feel
Kick Back was cool, way different than the rest

keep it up!
hey, that was really good. i understand that they're just demos right now, so you already know that the quality could use some work, but i bet it would be awesome if you professionaly cut an album. I'd even buy it as a matter of fact.

I...want to...be you.

Though I didn't like the fuzz that much. I think you should fix that.
And I think you need to make the vocals louder and more prominent. Good singer you have.
This is good! As said before, needs better recordings, and when you get those it'll sound even more awesome! Great vocals and keyboards, can't really hear the guitar through all that distortion!
hmm... thank you for the positive feedback, currently, we are working on two- three more songs, one with the simple title of Yes, and another Called Weenks, we hope to have this completed and recorded soon enough... Any time soon we may have two more songs up called chemistry and Mary su, we may also re-record Hobo song and Radio wakes, with possible less distortion louder vox, and if we feel the need, real drums. that is our current situation.
I really like this, and it does sound a lot like Weezer
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Hmm... Since this thread is still here, I may as well inform you all that currently you should follow the link to hear 8-bit world, as a lot of people we know like that one, and we are also recording more, better songs, I'll post again when they are posted.
8-bit world is clever, and very well-done.
At the Hands of Robots sounds like it's the offspring of Nine Inch Nails and the Flaming Lips.
Radio Waves is great.

I'm not getting the fuzz-distortion-Weezer-esque thing everybody else is talking about. It seems to be more synth-pop driven than shoegaze, in my opinion. Great stuff though!

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