Hey again, UG! It's been a little while since I've come to you guys with a musical offering, but alas, I cannot keep myself away. Please, if you have the time, visit my profile page, listen to my song, and come back here and tell me what you think.


I will listen and respond to anything you link me to, as well.

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I liked it alot =)
a nice, groovy tune
loved the piano or whatever the instrument was (Im not good at figuring that stuff out lol)
I think this is cool. It sounds like a way jazzier version of Mogwai... That's a compliment... Haha. It does get a little repetitive at some points, though, but not way too much or anything. I like the part where it has that little break and then speeds up at a little after a minute... It's obviously very different from your other music, but I thought that your music sounded like it would be really good for films... Great job! Keep it up! Mind critting mine?

I think this is reminiscent of some Opeth songs. Very cool intro with the clean guitar. Nice licks there but I think it just craves some smooth and mellow guitar leads played over it. I'm not too fond of the middle part but the ambient bit before the distorted guitars kick in is a great dynamic change before the heavy guitars. I can definitely understand where the song name comes from. The fade out is cool too.

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I forgot to say that the heavy part sounds like a heavier version of Explosions in The Sky... It's very cool, though. It's like a heavier/jazzier post rock... Great job!