Hey guys - I'm a newb to the forum so be nice :P. I actually posted this elsewhere in the forum but was told I'd get more hits here.

I've uploaded some vids of my new band - I play lead guitar. Would be cool if you check these out and comment/critique (either here or on youtube).

Here ya go:
Never Got the Chance (really happy with how the riff works in this)

Road Home (pretty much just a pop song - stuck a surfy sounding solo on it)

Coolness. I have other vids of me on that account if you're interested.
i like the guitar its cool
the whistlin, im not so sure bout
Stranger Danger ! What? Huh? Do i Know you? I Don't Talk To Strangers.
i would be all over this stuff if it was better recording. like this is pretty fabulous. damn that recording quality, which is actually pretty good for being from a camera i guess. i love it, its so relaxing and fun.

if you could take the time and listen and crit my band that would brighten the worlds day.

Quote by Alternate_rock
i would be all over this stuff if it was better recording.

Hey thanks for the heads up.

Here's a higher quality version of the first song - in Aust our internet is slow so you never want to upload anything too big :P Is that better? Or should I upload a larger one still?

Here's the higher res one:
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