Hey Pit, just wondering, what kind of penalty do streakers get after they're ugh... caught? Like do they usually have to pay a fine or something? I know its probably different for different areas/events though. Cause if you did that **** during the superbowl or something, I'm sure you'd get hammered more than doing it at a less publicized event.
Look up the punishments for indecent exposure in your area, depending on exactly what you do they may be able to stick you with other offenses too though.
When and where are you planning on doing this, that way I know not to be watching that event?
you become a sex offender
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Well... Dont get caught mate! I've streaked hella time, but I have hella chill cops in my area (SF Bay Area!). They'll try and catch ya. But in the end they think its pretty funny.
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you do become a sex offender which makes no sense at all but w/e.
i know its not too bad of a punishment especially if its your first offense.
maybe a weekend in jail or something like that and a fine.
At the stadium near me, there's a $5500 fine for trespassing. I'd say that indecent exposure is another offense.
Want to hear a funny story about streakers?

A few years back, at a college football teams homecoming in Canada, two guys thought it would be a great idea to streak across the field. Security chased em, but they managed to get to the fence way ahead of them. First guy hops clear over the fence and books it. The 2nd guy...not so lucky. Got his pecker caught on the fence pole on the way over...yeah....

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