Heh, my science teacher is making our class track Gustav like, four times a day. It is terrible, the thing doesn't do anything.
(I mean, good that its not doing major damage, but bad that it won't burn out already.)
So i wrote a Gustav song. =o
its on my profile
I would say basically the same thing... I really loved your voice and the melody/chords were very pretty and nice. I liked your other songs too, because the lyrics were obviously a little more serious and the chord progressions were original, too. I really don't have much to critique about the Gustav song because it's great! Maybe you could even keep the melody and chords and write some serious lyrics? I loved ghost so much! The lyrics and spooky sounds are so cool! Great great job with that! I think you would sound great with a band (like Feist or something). Really great job though. You have a very relaxing, nice voice. Mind critting mine?