Got an old guitar.
Got it from an italian friend who said it belonged to his grandfather.
No one knows where it's from or what kind of guitar it is.
When I got it, the intonation was out, and only had the b string attached.
Never did anything with the intonation and it has sounded fine until now.
I've tried to do the intonation as well as I can, I've messed around with the action and tuned it as well as I could.
I play an E chord; sounds fine. All barre chords sound great, but then I play open D and open G and it sounds so off. The open C sounds especially off.
Any advice?
I understand there's only so much one person here can do to help through a computer but any help is appreciated.
Also, how come it's messed up just now?
Is it just the natural process of my ear getting more in tune and I notice certain notes that are off?
Should I get a new electric guitar?

you said it was old: have you cleaned it up a bit? new strings? how are the frets? tell it to turn its head n cough? overall physical?
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I meant open C chord.
and yes, I've gotten new strings, cleaned it, tried to get dents out, etc. etc. etc.
Still no luck.