well no matter what i do i just cant seem to play anything new i dont mean i cant learn new things i mean when i play it sounds the same as it has the last few months i can play a millions different songs but when i try to play by just thinkin it up as i play it all sounds the same i have tried to play different types of music that i wouldt normally play i have even tried to put down the guitar and not play it for a while.i know that none wants to hear it but i just went through a painful divorce where i didnt even play my guitar for almost 5 months and i have been back at it for about 3 months the only reason i mentioned that above is because i figured the break would clear my mind but it didnt .anyone have any info to lend should i give the whole playin a different type of music thing another idea or is it possable that i cant get any better
i eant to say should i give the playin a different type of music thing longer sry i got a little off track lol
just doesnt feel the same as when youre just learning, making leaps and bounds, does it?

dont worry, as long as you push forward you'll learn new techniques, eventually you're playing will evolve. every musician hits that block where it seems you cant go any further. just try and think of things, techniques, songs, styles, youd like to learn and go for it.

also, sorry for the divorce =/
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nah our right it dont feel the same as it did at first.when she left i lost all want or need to play for a while but then it just came back one day and i dont play 3 or 4 hours a day like i used to i only play about 2 or 3 times a week right now but im tryin to get back to where i was.

and thx but hey im better off without her
I went through one about 8 years ago and it was a tough time. Happily remarried though with two great kids, and the older one is already playing guitar at only 5. So that all worked out well in the end.

Anyway, regarding the frustration, hop over to the "plateau" thread and have a read - the different scale/key thing I mentioned really worked for me.