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Ashdown Fallen Angel 40
1 7%
Blackheart Handsome Devil 15W Tube Head + Cab
5 36%
Roland CUBE-30
1 7%
Laney LC30
1 7%
Line 6 Flextone III
3 21%
Vox Valvetronix
2 14%
Laney VC15
1 7%
Voters: 14.
Deleted the other thread.

Need it for Rock, Metal, Hard Rock, Good cleans are a bonus, not that important though.
Bedroom playing + Small gigs (School concerts & band practise)
Quote by Final !mpact
Yeah i saw that. I got some of the amps that looked good from that link and put them in the poll. I want to see what other people think

EDIT: I'm leaning towards one of the laneys or the black heart handsome devil 15w head.

oh, good.
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Wow.... Holy ****ing mother ****er...

Amps are pretty expensive over here.

Do we pay $350 for shipping or something