I just got my guitar back from the shop for a pickup swap and coil tap. I noticed after a couple hours of playing around with pickup sounds that theres a slight buzz from around the 11th to 14/15th fret on the A and D strings and the #1e and B strings fret out around the same area if bent up more than 3 frets worth higher pitch. Could the guy have left the strings off overnight or is that like a universal no no? Would that make the neck warp a little bit? If so, will it return to normal after being strung to tune for a few days? I did raise the action to my taste just a bit when i got it (its an ibanez so it was very low from the factory). Did he maybe lower the action back down to that thinking he was doing me a favor for giving him buisness? Is that normal for a guitar shop to do. I usually do all my own adjustments and maintenince so this is my first experience with a shop. Anybody experience this before?
well he most deffinitly did take the strings off, but tune your guitar up to where you want it and leave it for a day or so, then raise or lower the action to where you want it, adjust the truss rod so that when you push the string down on the first and last fret on the low e string a medium pick can just bearly fit under the 7th fret. Then it will be fine and probably play a lot better. And your most deffinitly going to need to adjust your intonation after all that.

EDIT: but to answer your question leaving your strings off for a day (unless your truss rod for whatever reason is crazy tight) will not hurt the neck
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