War machine assembly in deer winter acres
I have three times in the smiling guilt
moved air through fingers before closing
can't feel the obfuscated cries of a yes-man
moved to deep-end
touch eyelashes repeatedly
rooftop horizontality, - my dear leaned too far out
battle in punched-through armour all day
weighing my shoulders way down all day
the undying frames of a broken dream in a wash basin
where love lost it's fight

My ears break and the rest of me breaks in a field's barrage as an afterthought
through to white bone the ash blows away through to the foamy newspaper piles
agelessness of it's thump as love holds me down to lift you up under blue lights

A hanging rope forgotten
on a dusty barn shelf
covered in the dust and cobwebs -
a hard shell cocoon cracked open by thumbs
the words are scattered into the sawdust
the winter a ghost of fields
with no steeple on the horizon
in blood's moment of strength
play in a dream
the seven lakes
men act as children tossing their hair in the sun
acting like fools

It is a long time gone now when I was first held in arms
and death can claw like an eagle's limp rabbit
a handed around heart left bones in it's yard
the wheelman is gone to laughter as the sky grows dark
and our leader like a Russian
"It is time to charge now
let the stone go
if you sleep later he will let you fall forever"
the man who walks above the magistrate and the crowd
"it is now the time"
yellow rope in our hands as we make our charge

I am now notched on a post
I am now held over a railing
I am now awoken underwater
I am now inhaled as smoke

My staid childhood room's walls
the narrow bones hold back as melted metal scalds and drips
creases close around bone in my hand as my fingers close in
and a dead moon tells me to breathe
a candle's glow thumbed out and a skull is held up
the late men who kiss the shores of Lotus home
their beats of horses and Greek boots of long ago
is a dusty spider
dead in its web
walked down the white roads of Autumn
hushed from the beginning of the century of the dawn

But I always forget
like a dog chasing rabbits
to punch in for the snows of Eden
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that is a long ass song man, i love it though. especially the "wheelman is gone to laughter as the sky grows dark" line.
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Well I don't know about solos but how about that Smoke on the Water riff. It's like...impossible.


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i can imagine this as an epic hardcore song.
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