Poll: Do you sing while playing?
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I sing lead
17 23%
I sing harmony/backup
23 32%
I just kind of yell
7 10%
I don't sing
19 26%
They give me a mic but just so I can yell between songs
7 10%
Voters: 73.
Its dead slow tonight and I've never seen a thread on this. What bassists on here sing and play?

Personally I primarily sing backup, but do lead when called on, I don't like lead singing while playing with my fingers, I have no idea why, just feels unnatural.

Edit: Sorry I meant to give multiple options for people who fill multiple roles
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its hard singing and playing at the same time on bass,
not unless i play root notes all the time then i can do it.
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When recording I do some screams/all screams depending on the song. I'm not good at vocals and playing at the same time though. I have a tendency to either stop playing, go monotone, forget the words or notes, or just mess up everything, and since I currently only play with a pick with my band I obviously would do that while I sing, because if thats hard to me, having to play fingerstyle would cause my head to explode.

So, I dont know what to pick.
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I find it hard to sing and play when playing with fingers. But, with a pick, it's much easier. I guess it's just all about rythym mumbo-jumbo.

Oh, and backup...that's what I chose
Proud to say I sing lead. Wish my voice was 'nice', but hey - it's never the skill and always the conviction.
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I'm slowly getting better at doing lead vox on some songs. Even when I can manage to do both, however, I get frustrated because I can't completely focus on one or the other, and while I often space out as a bass player, I feel like I need to concentrate very carefully as a singer. I'm hoping more experience singing will simply make it flow as instinctually as my bass playing.
I'm not in a band but I sing and play a lot of Metallica playing fingerstyle....I can't sing anything else because I suck.
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Um in my little 2 man band the bass sings, i play guitar.
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My band's bass player sings at the same time, and so does John Cooper of Skillet. I remember being in middle school and seeing a local band who I knew the bass player's brother, and he sang.
I play bass and sing lead, not that i'm very good it's just that we don't have any one else to do it.

I sometimes find it challenging depending on what I'm playing.
If it's a cover it depends. If it's an original I can usually sing while playing unless its needlessly complicated.
I sing harmony but sometimes its hard... I have to sing the ending of bloodmeat (not the screams) and sing high harmonies in other songs when I have pretty much a child molesters voice and im 15... I usually just mess up ridiculously during those parts.
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I play bass and share lead with one band. it works because my voice can get more edgy bits and the high notes, and he is better than me at doing the smooth drony bits and suchlike.
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My voice doesn't suit rock music or stuff like that, so I don't sing in bands. Singing is my main instrument though - I've had more musicals/opera work than I have bass work!
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I play and sing lead

Bass is my main instrument

Voice is my second, and I really enjoy singing, so I try to sing in all my bands

I usually do because no one else wants to sing

My voice doesn't really siut the harder rock stuff

it goes with Funk really well, and some Blues

and like, Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan Rythmn and Blues kind of stuff

I can pretty much sing a melody over most basslines that have a melody over them

But it takes alot of practise to do it, and be tight with it

I've been playing for a little over three years, and for a little over two of those years i've been singing as well.

I'm still not great at singing and playing at the same time, But I get by.

Just need to do it more.
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I never used to be able to sing in tune untill a few weeks ago and ive got much better. In my band, everyone else sings apart from me so I do feel a little left out.

I'm gonna start doing the harmonies in rehearsal, maybe start to do the easy ones live. I've never had trouble with singing and bassing so it's alright, I sing along at rehearsal just not into a mic lol.

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Everyone in my household has great singing voices, so singing and playing instruments is a bit second nature. We're like some weird alternative Von Trapp family in a way.

I had a hard time singing and playing bass at first but gradually its fallen into place (still can't sing and play drums though..). There exists a very funny but stupid video of me singing "Too many puppies", which if I can find it and find the nerve, I'll post it up on my profile sometime.

I have also sung harmonies and backup vocals since I was very young, so I do that as well.
I can do it for simple songs, and for some reason a few Primus songs too. But my voice has an unusual range that isn't useful for most songs. I guess I could use some practice, but I'm not too pushed about it.
I wish I could. I'm taking bass and vocal lessons but I'm not good enough at singing to be able to do both.
I just kind of yell. Sometimes I sing backup too but it seems to frustrate my lead guitarist who seems to think he can sing (he can't).

Once I had to finish singing a song on my own because my singer started coughing up. It was the scariest 40 odd seconds of my life but I managed to pull it off.
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Once I had to finish singing a song on my own because my singer started coughing up. It was the scariest 40 odd seconds of my life but I managed to pull it off.

Hey that happened to me too! That actually is one of the reasons I started doing more vocals for my band.
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I had a hard time singing and playing bass at first but gradually its fallen into place (still can't sing and play drums though..).

Funny, I'm actually better at drumming and singing at the same time. I think it's because I have a tendency toward less straight-forward rhythms while playing bass.

Not that I'm masterful at doing either, mind you.

My voice, like my axe, is a definite bass. Even with my choral training, I simply don't have the range or vocal tonal shape to sing lead. However, sometimes I do fill in some harmonies, counter-melodies, and a decent bit of echoes and responses.
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