people who live in moderation like buddhists, and carrots, and icebergs, and fish, and my favorite, convenience store workers...
They basicly control the forums.
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Forum police, basically. They ensure that people on the forums are following the rules. They have powers to do this too, things like editing posts, deleting posts, closing topics, moving topics, deleting topics, warning users, and possibly banning users. I'm not sure how much power the mods here have.

Also, occasionally the mods will completely break the rules, simply because they can. They're also doing it for teh lulz.
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they can delete forums or post etc. and basically run the place....they r basically "the man" when it comes to forums
moderators- they are green and only have power over their forums they moderate- delete/edit posts, close threads, etc.

super moderators are the blue ones- they have power over all the forums and can do the same as a moderator plus they can edit your signatures, avatars, etc.

administrators (red- zappp, rankles, frenchy fungus, matter, casualty01,Dyuha) have power over all of Ultimate-Guitar.com I believe. even stuff such as your profiles and stuff (maybe?). and they can also change your username but dot count on it.

and Column Cleaners... well...

they're there...
for the sake of the columns

they keep the columns clean
they're orange

and they can all warn and ban your e-butt
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So much down syndrome

remember UG Community? thought so.
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hmm how do you become one of these moderators
don't ever ask first off- one guy did and they never let him forget it.

I guess be here a while, be active in the forums, be helpful, trustworthy, all that jazz hands.

alot of them have been here 4-5 years plus.
well except for zana-cross...
somehow he managed to become a mod even though he joined less than a month before I did
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So much down syndrome

remember UG Community? thought so.