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First time posting a tab last week.. posted a safetysuit tab ..the song was called "what if" i search for it and i cant find it..the tab was close to flawless..what would make it not be available to see and why is it not under my contributions as a member?
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it has to go through the "tabs pending approval"
meaning people review your tab and vote whether or not it should be added to the site.
it usually takes about 3-4 days, but sometimes longer.

you should go down to the UG Contribtion forum, and go to the "WTF happened to my tab?!" thread.
Emad will most likely help you there
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you should get an email to say if its been rejected or accepted. failing that, its probably just still going through the approval process
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Go into My Profile > My Contributions and look at the tab's status.

W = Waiting

A = Approved

D = Denied

If it's denied and you don't understand why go to the thread in the contribution forum mikko mentioned. It has details on why tabs are commonly rejected, but if you still don't understand yo can ask in that thread.