i want to get a bugera amp head but i cnt choose between the 6262 or the 333XL. has anyone played either and wats the differrence between them??
the 6260/6262 has a peavey 5150/5150 II/6505/6505+ sound to it
has 6L6 tubes in it(switchable to EL34s)
6260 has 5 preamps tubes/6262 has 6 preamp tubes
Liquid sounding gain. real tight and agressive. GREAt cleans
2-channel amp- clean channel has a crunch button on it./ lead channel

333XL- has a peavey JSX sound to it(Joe Satriani sig amp)
has that Marshall bark sound. great for lead tones. 3 channel amp(clean,crunch,lead)
has built in noise gate and a boost function(XL switch)
real punchy and saturated. come stock with EL34 tubes(switchable to 6L6 tubes)

both are 120 watts
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