I'm gonna sound like an idiot or a moob for saying this but when you people say melody and key for the song...

what is it?
who do you find it out?
how do you write music to go with it?

like the title says i'm majorly confused so if you could be as detailed as humanly possible that be great!!!
ok theres basically 2 parts to a song...harmony (chords) and melody (single notes)...another way 2 look at it would be rhythm guitar and lead guitar....

the KEY of the song means that the song based on a musical note and the rest is in relation to that note....for example in the key of C (major) u have these chords: C Dm Em F G Am Bdim...u can tell the key by looking at the key signature in sheet music or (generally) the key will be the last chord played in the song
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