Hey, I have this 96 Jackson PS6T Performer.
Deal is, the locking nut is in a horrible shape, one of the previous owners got the screws stripped, the thread inside stripped and had some strings held down by some washers. So I looked around, talked to some locals, some had spare parts, and on and on. I got the whole nut back together and it was working half decently. I borrowed my guitar to a friend and he got around into a quick tune up and stripped badly the worst threaded hole in the nut and that has done it, the guitar loses it's tuning, and I'm wasting more time tuning than playing it. Now, I'm looking towards a Black Replacement Nut. For 43 mm nuts. there's the R3 and the R4 but I don't know which one I have (note it's a LFR) all i have is the measurement from and end to another and this stamping on the bottom of the nut. 300R-B.H.43

(R3 - Neck Width 1-11/16" - 10" radius Narrow String spacing)
(R4 - Neck Width 1-11/16" - 10" radius Wide String spacing)

Does anyone know anything from these specs or does it really matter all that much, I know my neck is pretty wide, but how wide is considered narrow or wide?

Thanks, Matt
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