when i first started playing guitar before learning all of my scales and bits and bobs i learnt alot of avenged sevenfold songs and pantera songs and when it finally came to learning the scales i found these anomalies in what i was playing. well not anomalies just the frequent use of flattened fifths during solos, e.g G#/Ab if your in the key of d minor, what i was wondering is how would i harmonize this note a fifth above because im writing alot of crap for my band and theyve all got use of the flattened fifth. thanks in advance you sexy bastards
just for any confusion im just asking how i could harmonize a flattened fifth if its not part of the original scale?
FOr example, if the flattened 5th is an A.

You could harmonise with a major third C#/Db , minor third C or 5th, being an E.

The harmony is relative to the note being played at the time

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so you harmonize a note not in the scale with another note that isnt in the scale? that could prove for some interesting harmonies
well it depends. you can harmonize however you want technically, but typically you can break it down into two areas.

Diatonic Harmonization - this is where you use notes from the same scale that you are playing. So if you harmonized in Diatonic Thirds some of the intervals would be major 3rds and some would be minor 3rds.

Harmonization with Parallel Notes - this is where you take an interval and harmonize solely in that interval. For example, you could harmonize in Major thirds. in this case your entire harmony would consist of major third intervals and, most likely, some of those harmonized notes would fall outside of your original scale/key.