Sorry if this is the wrong place but I posted in another section but didnt get many replies.

I plan to post a lot of videos of my playing songs on my guitar in the future but the one problem is I dont have a video camera =(

Can anybody post what is a really good camera or a camera that you use? if its a camera that you use can you link me some videos you made with the camera.

I want a video camera that has really good picture and it can record sound very good because I need it to sound just like if you could hear it in person.

The camera I have now is a Canon Powershot SD300 and its a digital camera and can only record 1 minute of video but sometimes the mic pics up more sound from the song in the background then my guitar.

Also what are monitors. Ive seen these big speakers that connect to your computer called monitors and wanted to know what they do and how you use them?