I believe the software is called Guitar Rising.

supposidly there is a real "guitar hero" type game coming out for PC. You hook up your real guitar and play. But is this really any different than guitar-pro or power tab? I mean, other than it would give you a score and show you where you did wrong, but you would know that anyways. And your guitar being hooked to your PC makes no difference with Guitar-Pro.

Still it sounds interesting. I may give it a try once it has been out a bit and i read some reviews and see some screen shots.
orly? That sucks. Would be awesome if they had a company that would put a game out there like guitar hero, but with your own real guitar hooked up, and you could practice covering songs and get a score out of it. Would be great for beggingers and experts alike. Million dollar idea right there if someone can put in the time and technology to make it happen.

I'd buy it
i already ahve guitar-pro and of course power tab since that one was free
wow yea thats a good idea I don't see how it woud work though. That would be some pretty expensive software if someone managed to pull it off. But if they did I'd definitely buy it
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It should be good for learning how to sight read.