I play a lot of acoustic fingerpicked guitar, and I'm looking to move into jazz. I know my theory well enough to sort of dive into the genre, I hope, but I don't know where to start out. What are some good artists/songs to look into? Preferably solo stuff to play. Thanks
i know this probably isn't the response your looking for as he's not really blues or jazz.... but iron & wine has some amazing fingerpicked songs.
There's a recommendation thread around here somewhere.

Also, Skip James for blues, Wes Montgomery for Jazz.
Bireli Lagrene plays some insane gypsy jazz on an acoustic, I don't think it's fingerpicked, but it's really good and technically amazing. Check him out if you haven't already. Django's rightful heir
There's no night out in the jail !

Last.fm --> mas0nic
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Bireli Lagrene @ Vienna
There's no night out in the jail !

Last.fm --> mas0nic
I know you said jazz, but Lightnin' Hopkins stuff is awesome if you want to listen to some blues.
Mahavishnu Orchestra - A Lotus on Irish Streams.
Amazing song, it's John McLaughlin so it's pretty challenging, but definitely rewarding if you can play it.