So my Vox AD30VT got damaged and it looks like its gone for good. I need a new amp for practicing in my bedroom, band practice and small-medium gigs. Any recommendations?

My current rig is (was) a Zoom 606 through my Vox AD30VT in the boutique clean module to my Epiphone SG Special with EMG 81/85 combo.

My playing styles are very versatile, i like good cleans, good crunch and also a good amount of gain, i play everything from blues to shred. I love the Vox because it has great cleans and i switch to distortion with the Zoom 606.

My budget is around 400$ USD or so, i might be able to stretch to 500$ with difficulty so please try to stay around 400$. Also please keep in mind i live in Mexico but i have access to Ebay and can buy online from the US but it also means i can't go to a store and try stuff out so im only limited to youtube and such clips.

Right now im looking at a Vox AD100VT and im 90% sure to buying this amp since its worked great for me and its familiar. But im also looking for suggestions, im open to buying new or used. Can you please help me out?

Heres my youtube channel so you can check out my videos, i think i get good tone.