What are some good instrumental guitar albums? I would mainly like to find stuff that's not rock/metal instrumental, neo-classical, or classical, but you can list your favorites of any type.
The Apocalypse Inside of an Orange by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

Favorite song from that Album

Coma Pony - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMgBQ3QoPBI
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Marc Rizzo - Colossal Myopia is the greatest i've heard. He plays in crappy bands but his solo work is amazing. Metal and flamenco. Youtube his song Introspection Of An Introvert
I highly suggest checking out 'Al Di Meola', a Latin/jazz fusion guitarist. He has quite a large discography however, but I would recommend 'Elegant Gypsy', his '77 album for a starter if you enjoy flamenco guitar at all. He is a master.
Here is a quick link to a youtube video with his song; it really is a standout track for anyone remotely interested in guitar. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXmRtIvXm3Q&feature=related
Wes Montgomery- The Incredible Jazz Guitar
Miles Davis- In A Silent Way
James Blackshaw- O True Believer
John McLaughlin- Extrapolation, My Goal's Beyond
Nels Cline- The Inkling
Cameron Mizell- Self-titled
Mahavishnu Orchestra- The Inner Mounting Flame

Hope that helped.
The Water Garden by Alex de Grassi

Pure acoustic jazz brilliance.
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john scofield-bump(awsome album!!!)
john scofield-a go go
Paco de Lucia/John McLaughlin/Al Di Meola-the guitar trio is a good latin jazz album
Strunz & Farah - Primal Magic.

Awesome Awesome Awesome dual Flamenco guitar.

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Beastie Boys- The Mix Up is freaking awesome, great funk jamming!
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