hey people

im using a 20watt starfire mega 10 amp 4 the vocal mike at practice coz we dont hav a PA system yet,but the problem is feedback.now it has bass,middle and high frequency settings but at wat combinations do you think it would produce the least amount of feedback
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Feedback is usually happening because of the high end. When I'm playing harmonica I turn the treble all the way down, midrange most of the way down, and bass all the way up so that I can avoid feedback.

Guitar amps are not usually very good for microphones. The impedance is wrong and you have to really crank the gain on the amp just to get sound. The more you turn up the preamp gain the more feedback you get. PA systems have low z imputs for the mic, they have less preamp gain, and more of the work is done in the power amp. This will not only make you sound better, but it'll get rid of a lot of feedback and make it possible for you to use your tone controlls.
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