I like Jackson V's, a lot.

But people say they are impossible to sit and play with due to the shape (cant rest on a leg).

Whats the general concensus on this?
Jesus I dont know how many times i've seen this asked. People go into stores and try V's out for 5 minutes and decide that they're just IMPOSSIBLE to play sitting down.

Honestly, if you really like them, go ahead and get one. It'll take you a day, maybe 2, to get used to playing in a different position (With your leg between the wings). After that its completely natural.
a guy told me that the tremolo bar was called the "distortionator"
I play them In "classical" position just like i did with my forest, so to me its no different.
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i think they look ****.
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I played mostly a Fender strat and Gibson LP for my first 11 years of playing and found a KV awkward at first to play sitting down, but ultimately prefer playing at that angle now. With my WR1, I generally opt to play it the same way. I actually sold my Gibson LP Classic a year after getting the KV to buy the WR1--clearly I'm happy with Jackson.
FOR GOD'S SAKE MAN!!! ONE FIN IN, ONE FIN OUT!!!!! If you do that, they're easy to play. Only idiots don't know how to play with a V sitting down, and therefore, are a nearly completely unreliable resource.
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Flying V's seem like they were trying too hard to design a guitar that is rock and roll. idk. Now explorers.. there's where it's at.
Flying Vs are pretty hard to sit and play,but for Jackson's RR and King V,it's ok.
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there are alot harder guitars to sit down with.
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no its a 67 korina style at the mo i looking at, but the rr3 does take my fancy.

why is the rr easier to play than a standard v? im guessing the fin shape difference?
Yeah it would be a high strap when you stand up but if you have it resting on your knee in a classical position and just use the strap to hold the neck up.
I've heard of but yet to see an attachement that is sort of shaped to your knee that you can put on the guitar to keep it in place, kind of like a saddle.
Classical position between your legs. It proper Technique so you should be doing it anyway.
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yeah put ur leg in the V, its not like playing a strat classically sinse there is a lot smaller gap between the bottom of the guitar and the bridge.
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I have a Dean ML and I can play it no problem sitting down, so same shoudl go with your jackson V
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I really prefer playing any V or RR sitting down compared to any other shape. Its more like the classical position, and its actually more comfortable this way. It kind of locks in your leg and you've got the classical position, overall its win-win.

A Jackson King V was actually my first real guitar.. for at least a year. Its no problem to have as your only guitar at all.
they are awkward to play sitting down at first, but they are amazing stage guitars. When you wear them while standing up, and play they feel amazingly comfortable. They are definitely stage guitars.
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Classical position between your legs. It proper Technique so you should be doing it anyway.

it is, for classical music ;-P
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