Right so we had a gig last saturday, the first one in our new band and everything went fine. the gig was a big success. anywho i packed up my gear (I have a Marshall MG100DFX) and put it in my car very carefully and unpacked it very carefully. went to play on it the other day and theirs a problem... even with the volumes and gain turned down and without a guitar pluged into the amp at all, i get a huge hissing and crackling, and then when i turned the amp of it creates a big pop.

Anyone have a clue whats wrong? Im guessing it has to go back to Marshall.

Since it's a solid state amp, we can't really help you. Just send it back.
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Go get it exchanged and trade it for an other amp.
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dude i have that same exact problem! except its with a halfstack. what i do, i just unplug everything for a few minutes, and then i plug everything back in and everythings fine. maybe you should unplug the power cable for a while and then plug it back in and see if it starts working again.
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Is it sill under warranty? If so, take it back and try and get a refund. The general idea (I agree) is that MG's sound horrible anyway. For the price, you could get a better amp.

Seeing as though its a solid state amp, it'll be very hard for you to try any self maintenance on.
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Solid states are hard to repair and not even worth it, plus its an MG. Take it back and pick up something good.
did you try another speaker cable? I can't tell you how many times ive saw threads like this and it end up being a speaker cable or instrument cable or some bad pedal someone has conneted to it.
MG's are unreliable. When I had my MG30DFX, it broke, got replaced and the replacement broke, so I took it back and swapped it for a different amp. Personally I think you should trade it in for a different amp.
MG's always seem to get this problem, get it swapped for a different amp.
my marshall valvestate did exactly the same thing a few years ago. i had an electronics engineer look at it, he found dry solder joints all over the place and fixed them for me. had no problems with it since.

he said that the build quality was appalling.
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MG100 amps burn out because of insufficient fans (or so I heard).