So this is a song I just wrote. I have this girl who I went to school with last year that has an amazing voice, but we havent been able to really get together and do much musical work, so I decided to try writing and making a few songs to get us started, then getting her to sing over it so we get some music rollin...
Anways, this is a pretty hap hazard song, and if you try to sing it in any regular fashion it might sound choppy, and not even all the bars line up, but two reasons for that... One her voice is so strong and great that she can even things out by holding notes and what not, and also because I wrote how I want to write, so sue me lol.

Anywho, let me know what you think, feedback is nice, but also know I am not going for a standard set here.

oh sometimes i wish, i could just drift
all across, the deep blue sea
but you know that aint right, for you nor me
especially me...
ohhh meeee

and forget about my pride,
at some point, you just save your mind
like youve got to save your life,
and toss out a rope, whenever theres one to find

oh behind each door, theres, usually two more
and under each floor, they are, usually bored
and on top of the ceiling, the good lord stays appealing
but through the window is the sea, the salt water so healing
too easy to jump in, succume to that feelin

but on top of it all, the soul must stand strong
the soul with most, the grit and the braun
but the soul as we know, has been invisible, all along

(PS I just made a name for it so I didnt break any rules, and i spelt it like that on purpose.)
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