my brother is looking for a bass so he can be in a band, now i play guitar but i started off with a pretty cheap one incase i couldnt hack it sorta thing but hes lookin at ibanezs and les pauls, previously he played piano for a year but gave up and incase he does the same with bass could somebody recomend a cheap bass so it dont matter if he gives up.
look into the faq

and before you ask, no, you cant use a guitar amp for bass
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get an ibanez gsr200 for the bass and an acoustic b50 for the amp
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Bass: Ibanez Gsr200
Bass amp: Ibanez sw100 stack

Guitar: squier starter pack

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Ibanez basses are great value for the money. I have never been a big fan of Les Paul basses (I am gathering he is looking at the Epiphone models).

My advice as always is have your bro check out the FAQ, and then set a budget. Go down to the store with some possibilities in mind and then try every bass and amp in his price range. Its a fun way to spend an hour or two and he's bound to come out of the store with a choice that will work for him.
look at faq or at my sig, preferably both.
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look at the FAQ, then by a Peavey Milestone lmao
in all serousness though,I got mine new for like £100, and Ive played bases worth twice a much that aint been as nice, but thats just my opinion.
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I began two month ago with an Ibanez GSR 200 and a Fender combo 25W and it's OK
if your bro is looking at les paul, DO NOT get epiphone ones!!! check out the ESP LTD les pauls, they actually play and sound nice.