I see alot of songs with tabs for the melody and tabs for the rhythm (chords). When singing I know chords are used to accompany the singer. But what if you are alone in your playing. What do solo artists do? Do they play a mixture of the two? I was trying to learn to play the zephyr song chords and sing along but it just doesn't sound like a song, lol.


p.s. What are some good easy beginner songs to play and sing to.
the only song i can play and sing is About A Girl by Nirvana, its pretty easy
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the only song i can play and sing is About A Girl by Nirvana, its pretty easy

lol that's the first song i learned to play and sing together. also polly.
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Solo artists do tend to re-arrange peices so that you get alittle of the lead and the rhythm if their alone with an acoustic guitar or somthing, just work it out so you can get little breaks here and there of the lead parts so it actually sounds like the guitar part. If worse comes to worse, you can always hum during the breaks of the lyrics, it sounds silly written, but it sounds fine when you play
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The Zephyr Song wouldn't sound that good, because I think the most characteristic part of the song is the lead guitar.

If you want to play RHCP, try Desecration Smile. Just play the chords, the solo guitar parts don't seem that important when you play it all as chords.
Good song for singing and playing guitar is Girl by the Beatles, oh and most songs of Beatles too

About the song Gril, it sounds much better when you play Bare-chords
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Yeh, the beatles are good for singing and playing. Also, if you want to mix singing with more 'lead-y' stuff, try some easier hendrix like purple haze.