Hi, Im quite new to the whole foot controller/ Midi area, anyhow I have an Alesis Quadraverb + its a rack, I understand that I can get something to control this so I can choose patches at my feet, I also want to be able to be able to bypass the quadraveb from time to time so Im just using my other gear, is there a pedal to do this? It will save me re routing cables mid gig or song or stop me turning around to press the bypass button on it. Thanks
ART X-15s are great units, and pretty cheap. That said, you shouldn't need a Midi switch to do that, and the X-15 would be more useful in controlling an entire rack or Multi-Effects unit. For bypass, some rack mounts just allow you to use a basic, normal foot switch. Check the back and the manual and see if it has a spot for that. If not you will need to see if the unit can;

1) Be programmed to be used with a MIDI controller
2) You can program the controller to control the effect (this is often a pain in the ass)

It may not be possible to bypass it (though it would be odd) as most people just set their reverbs and leave them on. Make sure that is not the case. I would personally go with the second method if you have a ton of effects to program in your rack.

Behringer makes a copy of the X15, but I am unsure of the quality. Mine (a '91 with the bright pink paint) is built like a ROCK. The only issue is the ROM chip is only good for something like 5000 patch saves before it craps out, though afaik it's not a common as you would need to change patches every day for 14 years, something most people don't do as they just program them and leave them be.