I was wondering if anyone was up for this trade or not. I have a Pod XT Live which I never use and it just stays boxed in my closet. It has the Metal Pack and FX Junkie pack. It might have one other pack, not sure if I got the Classic Pack or not, I thought I had three model packs. The 2005 Black Ibanez S470 has Evolution Neck and Bridge pickups installed and the stock single coil. It's in great condition for being a couple years old. I'm looking to get a s7320 to try out a 7 string guitar. I really like my S470 so I only want to trade for the s7320. I also have the hardcase for it too, so if you have the hardcase for the s7320 I'll give you the one I have for mine.

If anyone is interested please PM me, thanks!
Hope this doesn't go against the Bump rules but I wanted to add pictures.

My camera is pretty old so the quality isn't the greatest but I think you can tell that it has been well kept. The Pod XT Live has some scuffs on the foot pedal. It's hard to see in the picture.