Yeah, I'm just wondering if any of you would know this. I'm really worried about colleges and stuff, and I haven't done any extra curricular activities nor do I want to. Will colleges really turn you down based on the fact that you don't have any even though you have a 3.0= GPA and a good SAT score?
larger D-1 schools will because htey want 'well rounded' individuals, but junior colleges will pretty much accept anyone
I'm sure you've done some extra-curricular activities. I thought that I hadn't until my guidance counselor told me that Volunteer Work, Jobs, and Fundraisers like cancer walks and whatnot count as extra-curricular.
Many schools accept students based purely on grades. Extra-curriculars are important when applying for scholarships
I said 3.0 PLUS, dawg. I forgot my GPA, but I know it's above 3.0. I'm going to improve it well this year and really hit the books.
Go join a club or make one. It really doesn't matter if you go to the meetings. i made the skateboard club, and we don't do sh!t in that. And you can add that to your extra-curriculars
If you don't take extra-curriculars, you look like an unproductive tool with no passion or drive for anything.

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Well let's put it this way: If the decision is between you and a kid with the same grades AND outside activities, the latter choice will get in.
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My GPA fluctuated between 3.9 and 4.0. I hopefully will have no problem getting into college.
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I got into every school I applied to with literally 0 extra-curricular activities. My lowest GPA was a 3.14 but it went in an upward trend which I guess colleges like. My senior year I had a 3.85 GPA or something (until second semester haha). I also had "good" SAT scores of 1220/1600 (no one looked at my writing section )