Ok, so I'm buying this new Esp MH-400 guitar. It comes with a floyd rose trem and double locking bridge.

I always wanted a trem/whammy bar/ whatever you call it thing. But I don't know much about floyd rose and I was wondering if its a quality one and if it can do like divebombs, harmonics, and that stuff well.

Also the guitar is $700 is it worth it? Theres another just like it (MH-400NT) without a trem and is only $680.

the trem can do anything you want :P its one of the best makes imo but you will only get a licensed one i suspect which doesnt really change anything just not the proper name on it.
and yes the extra $20 would be worth it but it would be generally better to try the guitar before you buy just to make sure its what you want