I'm completely self taught mostly just by downloading tabs online and messing around till I get it to sound decent. I've been playing for about a year now and I must admit, it probably doesn't sound like I've been playing that long. I'm looking into lessons at the moment but given my packed schedule it's tough to find any during the hours I am available.

When I play things like these:

D---0--3-0------0--6--0--6--0----0--6--0--6--0---Play this 4x-----

Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson


Out of my Way by Seether

Or many other things that are similar, I always play then with just my index finger barring those three strings. Is this bad? Will this hurt me in the long run? I guess I could see that being possible since I'm not getting in the habit of moving my fingers around quickly and precisely.
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Nothing wrong with using the index to barre in drop D - it gives you a lot more freedom for your other fingers.
The recommended way is that you barre your index finger because it leaves your other fingers free to do fills or whatever.
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The recommended way is that you barre your index finger because it leaves your other fingers free to do fills or whatever.

It's perfectly fine.
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I don't see why it is a problem or should be, unless you are gonna thrash, then you can bar with all 4 fingers for something like

It honestly depends. On a song where you have to throw in fills as previously stated its ok to use only your index finger, however if you're only playing the basic chords you should learn to bar with your other fingers as well to enhance your playing and strengthen all of your fingers.
I use my middle finger to barre those chords... But it's probably ME that's doing it the wrong way :p
Barring with one finger is the most used and efficient way for such riffs. You could try out let's say, barring with your ring finger when you gotta reach further frets(3 to 6, in your example, the 3's being your index and the 6's being your ring finger). That could help you with your ring finger's strenght, but there's nothing wrong with the way you're doing it, really.
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