Well, where I live there was this small kids-camp, the website had a video showing how much fun the kids were having, the kids were all 6 years old and in the background, the music was Iron Maiden - Two Minutes To Midnight.

People thought to use this song with these lyrics were outrageous but I thought it was hilarious:


Kill for gain or shoot to maim
But we dont need a reason
The golden goose is on the loose
And never out of season
Some blackened pride still burns inside
This shell of bloody treason
Heres my gun for a barrel of fun
For the love of living death.

The killers breed or the demons seed,
The glamour, the fortune, the pain,
Go to war again, blood is freedoms stain,
But dont you pray for my soul anymore.
2 minutes to midnight
The hands that threaten doom.
2 minutes to midnight
To kill the unborn in the womb.
The blind men shout let the creatures out
Well show the unbelievers
The napalm screams of human flames
Of a prime time belsen feast...yeah!
As the reasons for the carnage cut their meat and lick the gravy,
We oil the jaws of the war machine and feed it with our babies.


The body bags and little rags of children torn in two
And the jellied brains of those who remain to put the finger right on you.
As the madmen play on words and make us all dance to their song,
To the tune of starving millions to make a better kind of gun.


Midnight...all night...

it's funny coz I don't think that the people who made the video understood the lyrics.
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Why were you watching videos of little kids having fun? O.o

indeed why ??
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Isn't it a little big-headed to name yourself "God," TS?


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Any thread with that title is sure to deliver, and this one...well...it did.
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Why were you watching videos of little kids having fun? O.o

it's a camp and my mum was thinking of lwtting my little sister go to the cmp, and showed me the video with the song lol.
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this 1 time ther was this lol n it was so lol we lold

I was there.
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ahh yes SRV. i got the intro on texas flood (easy) and then he's like twangledoodleblopdebloo dun dun dun dun DA dun DA and im like *dead*.

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I'd just been there when I posted...

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