Hey guys thanks all for those who helped me the other day, anyways, my mum wakes me up this morning telling me that this guy she knows has a guitar for sale, a Gibson Les Paul Studio, he said it was a 90/91 limited edition, reckon he's hyping it up or is there something to this, he wants about 500 for it, is it worth a look?


Yeah, it's worth a look but it's pretty easy to get studios for that price anyway. Mine was 600 new.
Yeah, of course it's worth a look. Play it, if it's nice then it's worth it.
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ok thanks, you reckon he was hyping it up saying it was a limited edition? or is there such a thing, the only thing i could find is a 50th anniversary model that had P90's lol?
yeah, its the right price range but other than that its all up to you
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I don't know of any limited ones...but there were lite edition or whatever that had a thinner body and weren't chambered.
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My one's a limited edition but that's just because of the finish, if it plays well then it could be good because studios can be a bit inconsistent.
take a look at it and test it out. if it sounds good, buy it. i've wanted a Les Paul for a while and they've all sounded worth 500 to me.
i take it you are talking £.

they seem to be retailing at about £750 new, so provided it's in good nick and plays well then it's worth it. give it a good try out through a decent amp before you decide.
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ok guys will do, i have the money but im really at ends as to which guitar to buy, at the mo im lookin at a Jap Clapton Strat, Hagstrom Viking, Ibanez AS103BM, and now this, lol problem is i can't try them all any ideas?