Hey guys, I'm selling my Jackson DKMG awesome shredder guitar. It's black on black with a sick reverse headstock, nothing girly about this one. It has Dimarzio Evolution 2 pickups in the neck and bridge (the neck and bridge versions respectively). Plays like a dream, also has an EMG Afterburner! This makes your pickups seem active even though they're not. It's a pretty neat feature although I don't use it a lot. It was professionally set up a few months ago and there are no problems to speak of, I am just thinning out the herd. Here is a link to some more pics


If you have any more questions just ask.

I am located in Langhorne, PA and would be looking to get $500 + shipping for this guitar. I've only had it about a year. I will listen to any reasonable offers so let me know!!


damn, bump for sweet guitar that i wish i had money for
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yeah looks awesome and with the dimazios in would sound sweet.

This must've been the older version that originally had HZ's in then if it had the afterburner? I got a newer version of the DK with the 81-85 set.

but you get a bump for that sweet guitar
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